4 ways to find coloring inspiration + a fifth method for picking colors

Ok, here we go again ๐Ÿ˜‰

The reason for this blog post is the huge amount of coloring alongs there seem to be present everywhere these days. From birds to happiness to love to dragons to … literally everything is up, and it’s fun to join in on the coloring fun if you have the time, ressources and energy. Last month I participated in a color along with dragons (#dragonary for those interested, hosted by Coloring Maja) – and to be honest I was, at the time, a little clueless about where to find some proper coloring inspiration.

Of course I could have just googled a picture of a dragon and get to work, but then I remembered my days as World of Warcraft gamer, and a thought occured to me of looking up the creatures of this vast land of fantastic creatures, created by people with a really big penchant for amazing colors and designs.

So, here I present to you: 5 places you can visit for inspiration for coloring (other than nature perhaps)

  1. Warcraft mountsย 

Warcraft Mounts is one of the oldest sites on the net with the full list of various animals and creatures for future color play. They have a vast range of mounts used in the game, so if you’re missing your old Warcraft days, look no further… And when it comes to dragons – they got you covered…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But not only that – the list contains of dogs, boars, wolves, elephants, raptors, dragonhawks, turtles … practically any animal or thing you can think to ride – even a flying carpet! Yes, Aladdin didn’t live to regret it. You can sew your own flying blanket – but that’s a story for another day.

2. Use Instagram hashtags

Instagram now lets you follow hashtags for your favorite words. But you can use the search function as well to look for inspiration on colors or color designs for a specific artist/coloring author or something more specific like “Steampunk” or “night” – if you need some inspiration for your coloring chart for a picture.

Surf around and spice up your feed and not be limited to specifik people you follow. I think it’s a brilliant idea. I personally follow the hashtags #mythomorphia, #kerbyrosanes, #johannabasford – everything from authors to certain topics of my coloring books like #fantasyart and #steampunk

3. Google image search

Google is one of the richest sources of pictures to be found online. But did you know you can do a “related image search” on google? Let’s say you have a very nice photo, and you want to find more like this. Go to Google, and type in a search for images. Choose the little camera in the bar:

A bar with two different sets of possibilities shows up:

Just wait a few seconds, and Google will use the picture for a specific search related to this image. As seen below:

Neat, huh?

How Google does this is due to equal parts magic and equal parts Search Wizardry but you will get what you need for sure!


4. picture databases

Picture data bases are the best – for many things. But it can certainly provide a lovely diversion while looking for the right picture. Pixabay is one of my favorites.


5. Bonus tool: Color picker!

Color pickers are found galore on the internet, and from the makers of MailChimp I picked a cool bro – Pictaculous – but the internet is beaming with them, and here they have sampled almost 30 of them. The use of a color extract tool is to give a fairly good idea of which coloring palette you are going into – is the colors warm, cold, pastel, light, dark, brownish or something completely different? Use the tool to get an overveiw: