A letter to Katrine (@alwayscoloring)

Dear Katrine,

I was so sad to hear about your untimely and sudden death.

At the time the news came from your boyfriend who had taken over your Instagram account, I was away on holiday in Prague, but when I returned home yesterday, and then today, the news really hit me. Like a stone or a slap in the face. You are gone. Forever. Like… Never coming back, we will no longer see your rose pink-mauve-sepia-creamy-yellow-ish Hanna Karlzon pages anymore, or cheer with you when you post yet another one of your crazy ideas for Kerby Rosane’s books.

I have always felt a somehow kinship with you – not only because of your amazing, creative talent, but because we were both from Denmark. Most of the coloring community were in the States at the time, so us Danes needs to stick together. Small country and all that, eh?
I remember in the beginning how we chatted away about pencils, crayons and how we were inspired and to where the best artist materials was on sale. I was actually kinda jealous on you buying all these pencils sometimes, LOL 😉
But most of all I remember your spirit, and your kindness. You were always so very kind to everyone around you, and I will miss you sorely. You were like a coloring light for us all, I think. One of the things I regret the most is the chance we missed to see each other and have a chat and a coloring session when I visited your town in Denmark – the town I had lived in, myself, for about 10 years. We chatted about how you were finally going to move in together with Dirt Weasel (your BF, red.) and be so happy, in the exact same apartments where I had once lived, during my time on university. I could see how even more happy you were after you moved in with each other. I am so happy for you, that you got to experience that, just you and him living together with each other.

This morning I remember suffering from Post Holiday Blues and complaining about the sun waking me up too early and the noise outside to my BF. We had just returned home the night before, arriving at a late hour from the airport. He was so sweet, just hugged me and kissed me and made me breakfast. I feel so stupid about it right now. It is such a dumb thing to let these things ruin your mood in the mornings, and I will strive to do better from now on. Life is what you make it, even though we all act like spoiled brats from time to time.

Right now it is one of the worst heat waves we in Denmark have experienced in forever.
I remember your Insta-stories about the warmth when Summer and Spring hit. You hated the heat, and I think you would have hated this past week even more. Temperatures up to 35 degrees Celcius – you would have been “aaarrggh!” hehe.
I have heard that the robes of angels is self cleaning, always tempered to match the weather and incredibly comfortable.

I know you will like that. Also, the fact that there is endless time for coloring now, following all of us at Insta. (You ARE allowed to download Instagram and YouTube to your iPhones in Heaven, right?!). At the time I started this blog, it was out of inspiration from your own blog, AlwaysColoring, and we talked a lot about copycats. At that time, you were furious, so when I started to put content on this blog, it was because I wanted a place to share all the coloring artists’ work. With full credidentials and no copying. And so you were one of my first “Colorist of the Week” artists I feataured with your amazing hippygryph (read the @alwayscoloring story here).

I think a lot of us in the community agrees upon copying should be credited with due to the original artist, even if that can be a little hard sometimes, since we are – in some form – always copying each others work. But I know a lot of us will remember you for your pink and mauve style. So, dear Katrhine… In loving memory of your amazing talent and this amazing community, I too have lit a candle by writing this blog post who will hopefully find those who look for your arts in the future.

I hope you will have an amzing time in the Heavens, making them a little bit more colorful. Sleep tight, little coloring sister <3

In loving peace and memory of Katrine aka @alwayscoloring