ColoringMaja and the Morphias

Isn’t it wonderful when you’re suddenly just hit by a wave of inspiration, grab a pencil and start coloring a wonderful picture?

Well, that’s Maja’s first experience of coloring. Just open the book, start coloring and then … the rest is history. As I myself started coloring in the early days of 2015, it’s been a long and satisfying road. I’m amazed that Maja began in the Fall of 2016. It certainly doesn’t show!!

Et opslag delt af Maja (@coloringmaja) den

But enough of my mumble-jumble. Let’s hear Maja’s story written in her own words….


I’m Maja, a midle-aged, kind of crazy girl from Sweden. In november 2016 I went in to a craft shop in Stockholm to buy my talented step son a gift for his birthday. I came out with a 72 set of pencils a random coloring book and Imagimorphia to myself (and som markers for the steph son). I did a page on the random book, and then moved over Imagimorphia. And then I was hooked. The day after and went back to the store and bought the full set of Polychromos. The rest is history 😉 

I have had a long period of a very stressfull life with a demanding job with a lot of overtime, two kids with ADHD  (the joy of my life), and a lot of other stuff going on in my life. But never something that was all about me. So I really needed this. It has made me a much more relaxed and happy person.

Quite shortly after I started coloring I got my coloring account on Instagram to spare my family and friends from spamming them with my coloring. That opened a new world to me. I realized how incredable coloring is, and what incredable work people do with an empty coloring page. Its so amazing, and so inspiring. I have met so many fantastic people in the coloring community, and I have learned so much by studying the works that I like, and everyone are so helpful by sharing tutorials and tips and tricks. 

Gradually I kind of have found my own style. I love to to make my work very colorful, with vibrant and strong colors. And my favourite coloring medium is every kind of media that offers that. I have tried to pick only one favourite, but that is impossible. I love to work with Zig Clean Color Real Brush, Neocolor II, InktensePencils and blocks. And I use both Polychromos and Prismas.  

My favourite artist is the same that got me into coloring, Kerby Rosanes. His work is so amazing, and I have learned so much by working with them. At the moment I spend hours and hours with Mythomorphia. 

I am so humble and blessed. And I try to give back as much as I can to the coloring community by sharing my work, and some tips on the way.

The best tips I have learned on the way is to don’t care so much about how extremely talented others are and what they do, but instead focus on what makes me happy. It’s so easy to start comparing your self with everone, that you kind of forget the joy of coloring, to see your page come to life and share it with the world. 

Isn’t it amazing when coloring makes a person bloom and flourish like a flower? Well, Maja certainly needed her pencils – and I know how I did need mine as well. I remember the first time I opened my first the full set of Supracolors by Caran D’ache. It was simply overwhelming. Wonderfully overwhelming and amazing and like a dream come through.

If you like Maja’s story go check out her Instagram profile and give her a virtual hug and a like. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it 😃❤