Colorist of the week: Erika and the parrot from Animorphia!

Today we’re meeting one of Instagram’s rising stars! Meet “Ikaancoloring” – also known as Erika. She has been coloring full on for about half a year, but have been on/off coloring since 2015. The exact same year I also started coloring.

I fell for the bright rainbow-ish colors that Erika is using, and I immediately asked if she wanted to participate in the Colorist of the Week series. Lucky for me she said yes! It took a little bit of convincing, but I’m so glad she wanted to join us! Go take a look at it on her profile on Instagram (Link here).

Here’s her story:

I have always liked to color. When I was a child I was pretty good at both coloring and sketching free hand. So I’m glad that I found this hobby. I bought my first coloring book in 2015, but after a while I found it boring (it was the “Creativity and mindfulness” book) so I stopped coloring.

Last year, in the Summer of 2016 I was thinking “why not color that pretty picture?” So I opened Secret Garden (Johanna Basford, ed.) and started coloring – and it was so fun!! Soon I bought my first artist pencils, Polychromos. I was hooked. I bought more books and more pencils. The picture with the fish was the first one I colored with Polychromos in Secret Garden.


My favorite book right now is Animorphia. The parrot is one of my favorites and that is colored with Polychromos to. I started colorjng the bird with red and then kept on with the other colors in layers. It was really fun to color!

My new love which I’m also trying to learn is watercolor. So far I have only tried them on backgrounds and I like the effect it can bring to a background. The whale is my newest finished work (i haven’t upload it on instagram yet) I have colored the background with watercolors and with Polychromos for the whale and rest of the picture. The bubbles is colored with a white gel pen. I love to color animals! It’s a challange and maybe that’s why it’s so fun!

I also love love love using soft pastels for backgrounds. It’s a little messy but it’s fun. It’s fun to play with soft pastels in layers and they are easy to blend and get pretty good effects.

Like what you see? Go to Ikaaancoloring’s IG-profile here and give her a hug and a like!