Colorist of the week: Nophie45

We are continuing on with the Colorista of the Week series once more. Not as often as I’d like, because technology will not allow me to split myself into two, but I will continue on, and especially in the spirit of what just transpired for our beloved Katrine, we all need something to brighten up our days <3

Meet Novo Diana aka @Nophie45. She is a relatively new artist – at least here at Instagram and the coloring community – but when I spotted her bright and cheerful colors, my spark was lit yet again. I can’t help it, I have a weak spot for colorists who tends towards the bright and cheerful colors. Nophie45 has a lot of great talent, and she puts it to use on various pages, and lately in Inky and the Ivy Butterfly.


Et opslag delt af nophie (@nophie45) den


So, here is Nophie’s story…

I love your coloring style – very pastel and light colors. Where did you learn to color like this?

Aww thanks 🙂 You said my coloring style is very pastel…maybe it’s because this is my taste of picking  these kind of colors, and I don’t know if that style will be continuing in my upcoming coloring pages because I love to learn coloring by following tutorials on the internet, at YouTube or just follow great coloristas at IG, so in the future these sources could influence me in my style or picking the colors.

When did you start coloring? Tell us how, why, when, what and where. We want to hear the story!

That’s was long ago when I was in school. We had an art class, just like the other school. But as an adult it began about 2 years ago when me and my friend came to the book store in my town and  she just picked up a book.. a coloring book (I have forgotten the tittle,  but the set included some coloring pencils), and she wanted to pay for it with her card – but there were a minimum limit for paying with card. So I said yes, and bought another coloring book so the transaction could be completed. After that, a week or two later I came back – just to buy Johanna’s first 3 books because for me they’re lovely and cute.


Et opslag delt af nophie (@nophie45) den


These days I just love to buy coloring books – not so much to fill them.. well actually I love to color but the results were so frustrating … that is because I have high expectations but at the same time lack of skill (of course – that’s Nophie’s point of view – I think  she is incredibly skilled 😉 ). I saw many colored pages on Pinterest.. WHOA how could they color like that!! So vibrant, with soft layering, such magical effects. Must be because of the pencil (or so I thought).

I was Googling at Youtube for some tutorials (at some point that helps a bit, but also sets me out of track). Out there were so many tutorials, coloring books and art material reviews. I watched too without practice! A lot of informations and desire to do it all, but less focus on the result… i have gotten many WIP’s pages  and bought unnecessary stuff (for example bought glitter pens and glitter glues for Johanna’s Christmas book, without using them properly). In early 2017 I made an IG acount & followed people who have a passion for coloring.


Et opslag delt af nophie (@nophie45) den


What is your favorite way of coloring? Is there any brands, colorists or styles you like more than others?

My favorite way of coloring is using colored pencil, because I feel I can control it more than with brush. I would love to use water but that only makes the papers wrinkled…but someday I will do my best to conquer that. At the early stages  I used Staedler Luna, Faber-Castell Classic, then I saw/read about  Prismacolor pencils, so I bought them and love them. They’re soft and buttery, lay down color so vibrant, make me create deep color effortless and thus saving time.


Et opslag delt af nophie (@nophie45) den


There are soo many colorists I like. I admire Cherry Lee (@Cherrycolors)!! How she manage to cover the black line, her style is like a painting. She made me buy a white pen!! I love Valencia van Zyl (Read the colorist of the week article here) who is always adding some illustrations.
I love  Irena (@black_aneri – go read portrait here), her galleries are so wonderful!!! Gwenn (@johannabasfordfan) Passion For Pencils (@Hennydesnoo), Chris Cheng (@colorvscolor), Marta_infineteart, Rosana Penze (@rpenze), Allena (@e.moskaleva), Mediana09, Shirley Tutopia, Lauracolorstoo, … we’ll they’re many!

Do you have a favorite coloring book author? Why or Why not?

My fave authors are:

Johanna well her style is as i told is cute and loveable for me. Ivy and the Inky Butterfly so far is my fave from her.

Daria Song,  But I need to put in more effort to work in her books, I will probably try later. I love her book because they’re made in a story format.

Lizzie Mary Cullen. I love her books! I don’t know why, maybe it is because I could  pick any color to fill it with easy manner but on the other side they’re challenging you to put all your ability to use and make a masterpiece. My fave from her is Magical Christmas.


Et opslag delt af nophie (@nophie45) den


What is the best experience you have had with coloring so far?

Best experience : if i could finish double page! Ha..ha ! It means a lot to me. 
Seriously, by coloring i felt more creative.  But more than that I didn’t expect that I with IG  could connect to a lot of people, the great colorists, with amazing skills, people just enjoing coloring, testing pencils, and that I could ask and  learn from them. (As Proverbs says Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another).

What is the top 3 items on your coloring wish list? Any brands of pencils or books or other coloring stuff you want more than others?

I  would love to buy a large set of water color pencil, mine now is a set of 48 Luna Staedler, I would love to have a large set, but Í’m torn beetwen water soluble pencils or crayons and also because … the price! Albrecht Durer or Caran d’ache (OMG, did I said ache  – yeah, i think i should pick Faber Castell).

Curretly I’m waiting for Johanna’s new book.


Et opslag delt af nophie (@nophie45) den


Do have any Youtube favorite channels you follow? (please link)

Oh. I don’t follow, I don’t have a YouTube account. But if I want to wacth, I look for Alena:

Chris Cheng





Et opslag delt af nophie (@nophie45) den

Well, there you have it, folks!

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