Colorist of the week: Littlephantom1975 & the many faces

Due to familiy obligations this weekend our Colorist of the Week was thwarted. Still, though – here we are. Veerle – artist name @Littlephantom1975 – is from Belgium and I really like how she makes her paintings both dreamy and serene in their expressions. Everything looks almost otherworldly, including her profile pic 😉

We’re talking sophisticated looks here, so what’s the story behind this colorista? Read along and she’ll tell you…

I really love coloring in people so now I focus on buying those kind of books. I love how Hanna Karlzon draws her women, but I can really enjoy the pictures of Tanya Bond (Inklings) , Jasmine Becket-Griffith or Camilla d’ Errico (popmanga) too.

Simply said : give me a book with people in and I’m thrilled

I started coloring in 2015 but with only 24 colored pencils and the wrong kind of books I became bored fairly quickly. Thanks to a colleague at work (anya_kleurt, also on IG) I began to search for a larger set last year and after a while I discovered what I loved coloring in the most.

My second color-adventure started officially in Novemer 2016 and I haven’t stopped since then.


Besides coloring I really love reading but I wanted an extra hobby, especially since I can’t read when our TV is playing (and I can’t forbid my husband from watching TV now can I  😉  )

I also love being creative and it’s pure fun to think about shadows and light while you are coloring.  Also, I forget my job for a while.

I have a lot of different pencils sets, from really cheap (Guang Hui, Crayola, sudee Stile, Marco Renoir and Raffine)  to a bit more expensive (Prismacolor and Faber Castell Polychromos) but every pencil has its own quality. And some expensive pencils don’t do the same job as great as a cheaper one on specific paper. So I love working with all of them.

Maybe recommendations for YouTube channels ?

I really like Coloring with Claire, Coloring in the dark, Reading with pugs and Coloring Queen ’s channels for book reviews.

The best thing about coloring is all the lovely comments on IG. Everyone is so sweet and encouraging! Never a harsh word… We’re like a group of friends and coloring-colleagues! It’s great to share a passion with people who think alike!

And in my private life the compliments and tips of my husband and family.  I really like it when they are proud of something I’ve colored in.

So, guys, this is @Littlephantom1975 – aka Veerle’s – story. Go check out her profile on IG and give her a hug and a like if you enjoy her colorings, mkay? 🙂