Colorist of the week: Magdalena and the Sea Lion from Mythomorphia

Hi everybody!

Posts are moving a little slow these days, due to unforeseen scheduling and re-scheduling of job interviews and other “adult stuff”. But here we go – this week’s new Colorist, is Magdalena and her beautiful account “@maggie_coloring” – go check it out here!


Magdalena lives in Poland and is relatively new to the coloring community. You wouldn’t guess from her pictures thoogh, each and every one of them are beautiful and stunning pictures with lots of details and amazing blending. Magdalina tells her story here:

My name is Magdalena and I’m 27 years old. I discovered adult coloring in May 2016, so it’s been a year, since I’ve been coloring (Weee! Congrats!). My first coloring book was “Doodle Invasion”. After a few pages I started to add some extras on the background (mostly – cartoon characters). I think it looks funny but nice. All of my books, I’m coloring page after page. My newest and favorite book is “Mythomorphia” by Kerby Rosanes. The other book I love is “Blomstermandala” by Maria Trolle. In my colorings I mostly use Polychromos for the details, White Nights watercolors for the background and a loooot of white marker for the highlights.


I’m so glad I started coloring. It relaxes me so much and makes me feel like a happy child. It’s a great hobby! As long as I can, I’ll be doing this!

If you like Magdalena’s story, go to her profile and give her a like or two! She will be happy I’m sure 😉

Also, don’t forget @alwayscoloring‘s “Morphiamay” coloralong. With all those pics from Mythomorphia popping up everywhere, the #Morphiamay is a great way to be inspired and get a new perspective on this incredible clever and detailed coloring book. Yay!