Colorist of the Week: Red_tifa and the Magical Colorings

As a blogger the worst thing you can do is forget about something you promised to someone. Or – God forbid – forget their names! [horror smiley]
This week I was reminded that I am not above forgetting important things – such as forgetting a colorist and her story and thinking I’d already posted it.

Gawd. I am such a moron sometimes. I forget where I put my brain and where I put an interview. So when Stephanie – aka red_tifa on Instagram – pinged me and reminded me that her story hadn’t yet been published, imagine my embarresent. But after a quick scan, I found out she was right. Real life can be a real sh*t sometimes. It makes us forget other stuff… 

Here is your story, Stephanie, long awaited and certainly just as amazing as the other stories on this blog:

I first discovered adult colouring quite late on really. I had no idea it was even a thing and then I happened to see a random clip of Johanna Basford talking about her books and I was blown away by them. I knew immediately that it was something I would like to do but I had two small children and no time so I put it on hold. Then early 2017 I decided I really wanted to start, I had discovered Peta Hewitt on YouTube and was inspired to get myself some pencils – Polychromos after a LOT of research – and some proper books – of course Johanna had to feature so I bought Magical Jungle. That was the start and I’ve never looked back, I’m totally addicted. 

Et opslag delt af Steph (@red_tifa) den

Pencils are definitely my thing. I’m on a constant quest for the perfect blend and I love bright and bold colours. I don’t know how you’re properly meant to blend but I just do what feels right for me. I start with choosing all the colours I want to blend together, ones that would appear next to each other on the colour wheel I keep in my head ( I really should get a proper one) and it’s usually 4 colours unless it’s a very small space. I start with the first colour at one end and then do my target colour or lightest colour at the other end. Then play with the other shades or tones in between – very lightly – until I’m as happy as possible that they’ve blended, trying to avoid ‘tide lines’ is the goal. To finish I always go back over my original two colours as they tend to get muted or faded in the process. I also like to add just a little sparkle to all my pictures – although it doesn’t really show up in photos – just because I love my Sakura gelly roll stardust pens. 


Et opslag delt af Steph (@red_tifa) den

My main goal in my colouring for the future is definitely to try watercolour. People create the most amazing works of art with it and I would like to improve my backgrounds without using pencil – which would take me weeks and there are so many beautiful pictures I want to colour. So I just do basic pastel backgrounds at the moment, but one day…

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone on Instagram and FB. The colouring community is one of a kind and I really appreciate the support and encouragement people have shown me. Happy colouring. 

Et opslag delt af Steph (@red_tifa) den

Again. This is such a lovely story and I think you should go to red_tifa on Instagram and give her a hug and a like – I am certain she will appreciate it a lot 🙂

Again – I’m sorry for forgetting to post your story, Stephanie. I will endeavor to not do it again to any of you participating in my coloring series. I have put up a editorial calender for new and upcoming posts so as I will not loose my overview. Trello, here we go!! 😉