Colorista of the week: Valencia Van Zyl

My! – it has been a while, since last time I checked in to this blog. But let’s just say that things have been pretty hectic and dramatic in my life, and I really want to keep that out of this blog, otherwise it would disturb this little gem’s life and spirit. So, I’ll keep it short but sweet: A lot of you following me have – to some extent – got a whiff of the events in my life the past 6 months since I got my new job in June, and things have been quite chaoitc ever since, both on work and in my private life. But – enough about all that. Now we’re talking about coloring, art and indulging in our little escapist adventure here ūüėČ

Some weeks ago I stumpled upon a very talented artist named Valencia. Not only did her paintings have this distinct joy and bubbly feeling – I was also knocked down by the colorful images she used. I mean – will you have a look at that!

Valencia, I have to admit… I am in awe of your painted art. I had to know what was inside this creative mind. So I sent her a bunch of questions, which she has been so kind to answer for me – and for you, my dear readers, to let you get inside her head where all this amazing artwork comes from:

1. When did you begin coloring?
I have coloured and painted art my whole life..since I was a little girl,but adult colouring since Jan 2016

2. What are your preferred mediums? (pencils or pens or water color for example)

¬†I love to use a mixture of¬† mediums….pencils such as Colleens…Heros…Caran D’ache Luminance are being used the most. My other mediums are Staedler Karat, Lyra Osiris¬† and Typo watercolour pencils. I use gelpens and white posca pen for highlights.

3. Do you have a preferred coloring artist or more – who is your Top 3 for inspiration? (it could also be coloring authors)

I love Johanna Basford, Hanna Karlzon, Olivia Whitworth, Maria Trolle ….¬†

4. Do you follow anyone on YouTube for example – and who? Any suggestions if people wants to improve their skills?

I do not follow any tutorials..only book¬† flip through reviews….for my own fine art experience and skills came¬† to use when I started with adult colouring. I would suggest people watch Peta Hewett¬†and Claire Halloway for tutorials¬†.. I think they are very skilled and masters in what they do.

5. Who is your favorite coloring book author (if you have any) – and why? Any favorite books?

Johanna Basford…for there’s a lot of her pages with only 2 thirds with her line art…which gives me the opportunity to add on to the do my own thing…and that! I love!¬†¬†

6. Where did you learn to draw so beautifully?

I’m born with this talent….creating ..colouring in this matter… comes easy for me.. so I would say I got my talent from God.

7. Why do you think coloring is important for people?

To create is to feed the creative soul…for God planted His Creativity in us….so to create…and when you create¬† you feed that urged…….for it fills up the empty spaces in one’s life…and if its not filled…you become unhappy..feeling void and stressed…so I think to colour can be very satisfying.

8. Any new techniques or mediums you want to try out more or haven’t tried yet?¬†

Would love to have the full sets of Caran D’ache Luminance and Posca Pens..for I have ideas with the posca that I want to try out…at this stage I have only a few open stock of Luminance and One! Posca pen! Haha..

9. Where do you find your inspiration?

Colour….anything that has awesome colour combinations triggers my creativity..a sunset filled with pinks..purples…oranges…are just one of them…shapes and the colour of leaves..trees……the sea….photos of nature….art ..all inspire me to create..even music by Mozart…Chopin…List..Schubert to name a few…sets off the urge to create. I live and breath to create and give Honor to God who made it all.

10. What is your best advice or tip for new colorists?

If it does’nt come easy for you…watch tutorials..ask questions on colouring groups on social media fb..Instagram…and practice…practice….and remember..nothing you are going wasted..for your struggles will become your sweet and enjoyable victories!¬†

If you’d like to see more of Valencia’s incredible artwork just go to her page and follow her – like the rest of the 800 ish followers. (Seriously – I can’t believe it. She should have thousands of followers by now with that amazing talent. But again – that’s what I like about this blog. It makes it possible to share all the wonderful and amazing artists out there! )