How to boost your coloring creativity

Feelings stuck in a rut these days? Finding it hard to go about your usual coloring mojo? Or are you a fancy flower, plain out bursting with creative energy?

Coloring creativity is not an easy thing to obtain if you are stuck. Truth is, many of us will experience a low in our creativity levels from time to time. The theory of flow is nice, but it’s not every day or every time we sit down with a ‘cuppa’ and some good ol’ coloring game that we may ‘hit a high’ on our way to coloring bliss.

What to do? How to boost your coloring creativity?

Well, I have the solution.
Actually, I have seen it time and time again through my coloring adventure myself. The answer is:


Limit yourself and set off creative energy right now!


Sounds crazy, right?

Well, not to me.
I was once a food blogger. I could do whatever I wanted with whatever ingredient and do the most amazing tings. But at some point, things begin to look stale. We have LLL these amazing colored pencils and/or pens, but none of them really speaks to us anymore. We buy more coloring books because we think it’s the outside inspiration we learn and experience from while truth is – it comes from inside of you, not the outside world. Of course, nature and other things outside in our world can serve as inspiration and give us ideas to new flower combinations.

As a food blogger (me for example) who reads a food magazine, thinking “Yes! I will test this out in my kitchen asap!” – but in reality, deep creativity come when we are limited in our chances to create something truly amazing. Think of IKEA. Of the food wasting wave… of every single genius furniture piece you have seen and then tell me, if you haven’t heard of restraints in some form or another 😉 All these artists had some pretty steep limitations to their creative expressions.

But we think we can’t create without a load of options to pick from – from colors to books to utensils to – whatever floats your boat. When in reality… in the mind it’s the deprivation of these unlimited choices we become our most inventive, creatively colorful selves.

Where should you go?

Well, the next time you are feeling stuck – try this: Get yourself or a family member, friend or your GF/BF to pick up to 4 or 5 colors they like from your samples. Or, find a beautiful picture online, and extract all the colors, like for example colormind or DeGreave – then get to work on your picture and I promise you: It will be a blast!