Masking fluid – the secret weapon for hassle free watercolor coloring

Masking fluid… What is the fuss you might think. But as some of you may have experienced the use of water colors – may it be Neocolor2, watercolor pencils or other creative media – small areas can be difficult to handle.

Well, look no further because masking fluid is here to stay!

A while back I bought this nifty little medium in an artshop. There are a lot of different brands out there, but I use ‘Schmincke’ – this one in a blue color. This makes it easier to spot where you applied it when you rub it off afterwards and it can easily be removed when you are done with the page afterwards. By now you have probably noticed the tip in the top of the bottle – this makes it so much more easy to apply onto the coloring page, compared to the masking fluid you apply with a brush.

The masking fluid used in this post

Note that there is a small tip in the bottle, this is especially nifty for us crafters who loves to paint details in their coloring books.¬†😀👌

The stuff itself is pretty easy to rub off afterwards, just rub on it and it will easily dissappear. Even with this masking fluid, no blue color were left on the paper from it, so it’s safe to use for any coloring book. It removes beautifully, even if you accidentilly get it into your hairtips (which I did unfortunately….) 🙄

I was later able to just rub my hair and get it all out, no greasiness or whatever. Yay! So, this stuff is also now approved by hair and skin. Don’t know about clothes though….. 😉

You need to let it dry for 15 minutes or so after applying the masking fluid. The warmer the air or more humid, the longer it takes. But afterwards it is easy to grab a brush and get to work – like this:


Schmincke is a medium priced art brand that offer great value for money art items, as well as watercolors for beginners and intermediate artist. I recommend you to try out this masking fluid, as it greatly reduces the fear of getting color into areas where another color should be or otherwise is not wanted.

You can buy other “Schmincke” products on Amazon as well – go here for a full overview¬† of Schmincke art products on