My first color along! Scandinavian Lights

Ok, guys.

In just a few days we are turning from Summer and into Autumn. In the Northern hemisphere that means the nights are getting longer, the daylight slowly dissappears and the days are getting shorter. In my end of the world we are already experiencing this as the nights are creeping in two hours or more earlier than when we hit Midsummer. By the end of the year the Sun will dissappear around 4 in the afternoon behind the skyline and we will not see it until it reappears again around 8 in the morning hours.

The Scandinavian Summers are famous for their light that stretches far into the night, sometimes it never really gets to be like… REAL dark or anything. So, that can be a little hard when you really need your 8 hours of sleep, as we are so far away from the Equator.

That’s why I wanted to dedicate September to the light of Scandinavia. Because the sun is not guaranteed any or every day, we tend to buy interior and choose colors that match this reflective, grey-sunnyish mild weather with a lot of light and/or douche colors in nature’s own coat.

A lot of this color palette is based on greys, soft pinks, white,ย  light blue, dark grey or black, beige/brown-ish with a soft pink glow, that reflects the light on the sky on a summer evening. It reflects a quiet morning with the fog rolling in from the marsh or woods, the winter snow glittering in the sun or the grey-blue sky reflected by the dark blue-green ocean.

It’s about glass, soft pillows, fur blankets andย  fireplace. It’s cozyness, it’s a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. It’s “hygge”, it’s IKEA, it’s KISS – keep it simple, stupid. It’s about non-cluttering of space to allow room for quieting of the mind, of shifting POV from the busy life we live to look inside for inspiration and calmness.

The cold winter months calls for woolen sweaters and stark contrasts. As some of you may know, my other hobby is knitting – and has been for a long time. It’s like we wove the color of the winter sky into our knitted sweaters, and automatically choose simple, yet elegant colors and designs we love and which expressed our fondness for the simple life.

Et opslag delt af Isageryarn (@isageryarn) den


The Danish yarn dyer Isager captures these moments, this feeling, so eminent in their designs and photos on Instagram. I love this Scandinavian way of adding light and darkness into a simple garment. Of using the simple base colors with a few stark contrast to really make the colors “pop” more. Like this post’s cover image for example:

Or in a lovely, soft and squishy yarn basket as well:

Et opslag delt af Isageryarn (@isageryarn) den

Et opslag delt af Isageryarn (@isageryarn) den

The Color Along “Scandinavian Lights” will run during the whole of September 2018. It will have the tag #ColorScandinavianLights hashtag and you are free to pick any picture you want. The only requirement will be that you let yourself be inspired by this feeling of light you can probably see on these pictures. Feel free to join if you can put it into your schedule – I will display all the pictures if you use the hashtag on Instagram ๐Ÿ™‚

I know that this will be a challenge for some, but I would love to see what you guys can come up with! I KNOW you will do something amazing with these colors… You can choose any medium, any coloring book – as long as you are inspired by the colors in these pictures. I am soo looking forward to see how you all express this Scandinavian feeling of light, pastels and with stark contrast colors for “popping”! ๐Ÿ˜€