Show me your desk and I will tell you who you are!

Now, haven’t we all heard that phrase before in some form or another?

I remember being a trainee in accounting … back then my catch phrase was “Show me your bank statement and I shall tell you how you spend your money”… ahem.

It’s quite funny how much you’re able to tell from a single photo (or bank statement) who this person is and their preferences. In 9th grade I even did a project a la “Show me your room and I will try to spy on your personality”. Creepy as f… My teachers didn’t quite know how to react to that. So they gave me a A minus. (I didn’t complain…)

Ok, back to the beginning of what this post is all about. As you MAY have guessed, this is about how your desk looks like when you have a blast coloring away. It started out quite innocently, with me posting a photo on my Instagram account “Coloring4Adults” of my messy desk in the morning hours before starting on my 12 hour day. Yes, I have very long transportation hours these days. (It really sucks to spend 4-5 hours on train rides every day).

But people (apparently?) loved it. And then it kinda… took itself off from there. So now I have promised to do a blog post with all your messy desks, and luckily I am tagged every time someone show a picture of their coloring table/desk/bedsheets(!) etc.
I think it’s a fun idea to do. Let’s be honest – the coloring community can get caught up in showing us the polished result of many many hours of work – and I wanted to show my less-than-pretty table in a “Behind the scenes” fashion. I want coloring to be REAL. Not some flashy photo competition of the perfect painting. It appears I was not alone in that regard. So, without further ado, please welcome all the brave people and their very very treasured part of their home. I think it deserves a certain degree of humility and respect. This is where MAGIC happens after all! And we all know how rare that rainbow unicorn is to find in Real Life, eh?


Et opslag delt af Frances Humphries (@frances_1989)

The pattern on these bedsheets looks familiar… Hm… Kerby Rosane’s, you’re busted!
Watching this pic really makes me grateful that I do have a desk for my hobby. On the other side – color til’ you drop (and sleep with the very things that makes you happy as well. Score!)

Et opslag delt af Hayyu Ardianti (@hayyu_) den

Now this one is really fantastic. So much rainbow energy right then and there. I love it! I think that if I ever have a baby girl I hope she won’t hate her mom too much if her name is “Rainbow”… and her childhood didn’t discriminate in colors of the clothes she wore… hehe.

Et opslag delt af Maja and the Beasts (@coloringmaja) den

This is just ooze coziness on all levels. Red wine, the favorite coloring book, lovely light… it IS really “YOUR personal space, Maja. And your beasts… (I hope that only counts for your books, I would hate to hear you’ve met them in real life!)

This pic is from @red_tifa, aka Steph, aka the woman of pretty amazing backgrounds and blendings. This is a desk right after my head. Pencils, books, coziness… Yessir!

Et opslag delt af Katrine ♋ (@alwayscoloring) den

Coloring nails, coloring in… Sounds like something we could all do once in a while, yes? The thing is, though, that Katrine uses her nail polish on her paintings as well! Now that is a brilliant idea!


Et opslag delt af Sarah (@sarah_colors_official) den

Oh my. Now THIS is probably every colorists’ wet dream or something. It sure is some sight to behold! I am a sucker for everything clean and tidy, but can’t seem to keep this up in my own space as you can see….:

Et opslag delt af Colorista (@coloring4adults) den

Yup – that’s the picture who started it all. You guys have been so excited about posting your pics and I thank each and every one of you for the wonderful pictures you wanted to show on IG, tagging me along the way. It feels good to share a little bit of your “work space” with others, because it somehow brings us closer, isn’t that right? Or is it just me?

If I have forgotten someone who have tagged me, PLEASE send me a PM at Instagram – the computer version doesn’t allow me to see more than a certain amount of notifications. So if you’ve tagged me and I didn’t put your picture in this post, I will make certain to place your picture here in this post as well. All the best to you, my fantastic readers <3

At some point I will tell you a little about some of the great stuff happening in my 3D life – things are about to change and hopefully it will provide me with more time for coloring AND blogging. I hope to pick up the “Colorist of the Week” series again in the near future, but I need to wait a little bit longer before I can start up that project again.

Cheers, ma ladies (and gentlemen)! 🙂