Top 10 Youtube channels with coloring tutorials

Hi guys!

This time we are going to talk about coloring tutorials. Because we all want to improve ourselves, just a little bit, right? Well, this piece is for those of you looking for options to improve your coloring techniques as well as your finished result. As you might imagine browsing through all of these channels alone could take a lifetime and some more. So I’ve tried to describe each of them with regard to coloring mediums used, speak/no speak, picture quality, books/authors and so on. I’ve sorted them in alphabetical order.
A “Color along with me” video can be great if you want to learn new tricks and tactics. I can highly recommend it, as you are sure to learn something in the process.

The names on the list contains the links to the Youtube channels and will open in a new tab of course 😉

Aime’s Coloring Tutorials: Using Prismas mostly – but possible to switch brands as the colors are often times explained (“dark green”, “light green” for example – easy to find a suitable replacement if you have e.g. Polychromos). Speaks during the video.
Books: Johanna Basford, Jasmine Beckett Griffith, Klará Marková

AlwaysColoring: Using different medias – from Polychromos to Prismas to e.g. watercolors. Speak from livestreams on IG.
Books: Mythomorphia (Kerby Rosanes), Vivi Söker en ven, Hanna Karlzon,

Chris Cheng: Mostly Prismas. No speak, close-up pictures which makes it easy to follow instructions in the video.
Books: Johanna Basford, Inklings, Floribunda as well as some general videos on doing backgrounds, leafs and so on.

Coloring with Alena: Mostly Prismas. Lots of coloring tutorials – cut into several parts for one page. Very detailed, lovely music, that adds a touch of artsy feelings to the paintings. No speak, just music. I love the structered look of the channel.
Books: Zemlja Snova, Magical Dawn, Mysterious Library, The Flower Year etc.

Coloring With Claire: A lot of book reviews and supplies reviews. Not very familiar with this channel but a lot of you seem to like her, so here we go!

Coloring With Iris: Coloring tutorials and book reviews/flip throughs. No speak (mostly). I’ve begun painting the little jungle house in Magical Jungle. Lots of fun, but can’t find the video on her page(?). Weird! Colorings done with Polychromos and Prisma Colors.
Books: Hanna Karlzon books, Johanna Basford, Inklings etc.

Emily Illustrator: Mostly Prismas. Nice close-up pictures to show techniques. No speak, only music.
Books: Hanna Karlzon, Johanna Basford

Julie’s Passion for Coloring – mostly Prismas. Light and easy. No talking. Color-a-longs, techniques and tutorials. Seems to be a fave for many.
Books: Klará Marková (Magical Delights), Hanna Karlzon, Johanna Basford

Peta Hewitt: Book reviews as well as techniques. Various pencil brands and techniques explained with music and speak. There are also a list of speed-coloring videos if you’re the impatient type (*points at self*) 😉
Books: Johanna Basford, Magical City, Hanna Karlzon, Inklings,

Shirley XL.Y : very detailed. Using Primas mostly. No speak. Lots and lots of videos and tutorials. This one is my personal fave of all the channels. Lovely music as well as detailed instructions/pictures.
Books: Blomstermandala, Botanical Wonderland, Magical Delights, Hanna Karlzon, Kerby Rosanes, Romantic Country, Daria Song books,


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Picture credit: Pixabay